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About Us

We are responsible for your kids’ intelligence, skills and horizon before they enter elementary school. Our school is dedicated to teaching students through positive learning experiences so that they will be successful in the future.


Sanjivani Academy aims to be an institution of excellence with a perfect blend of culture to produce dynamic leaders of the future.


Our mission is to offer high quality education dedicated to building minds with confidence, culture & creativity. We will be committed to educating students beyond the confines of a classroom to make them better individuals and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world.


To provide qualitative education.

To provide knowledge of Traditions and Culture.

To build confident and responsible leader.

To ignite minds who can analyze and face the challenges of the modern world.

About Us


Sanjivani Academy, Vaijapur is established under the aegis of Sanjivani Rural Education Society in the year 2020.
Sanjivani Academy is growing under the leadership of  Hon’ble Chairman Nitindada Shankarraoji Kolhe (Prominent Educationist and Social Worker),  Trustee Hon’ble Shri Sumit Nitinraoji Kolhe and Mrs Nikita Sumit Kolhe as the Managing Director. The school continue to develop, grow in size whilst retaining its commitment to academic achievement and excellence.
The School will caters to the requirements of Vaijapur/SambhajiNagar District. Pre-primary to Class X .

Sanjivani Academy will provide an ideal platform for the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth of the students.