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– Academic Curriculum

Classes I to VIII we offer following Scholastic Subjects:

Language 1:English

Language 2:Hindi

Language 3:Marathi

Language 4:Sanskrit ( 6 to 8 )


EVS / Science

Social Science

Competitive Examinations – The school organize Talent Hunts, Quiz shows, Spell Bee and Olympiads.

– Value Based Curriculum

  • Life Skill Club
  • Class Presentation
  • Circle Time
  • Positive Contribution to Society


Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities:

A wide spectrum of activities is offered to cater palate of the young ones.

  1. Art and Craft
  2. Music-Vocal and Instrumental
  3. Folk, Classical and Western Dance
  4. ICT
  5. Sports
  6. Mock Evacuation Drill (Disaster management)
  7. Field Trip
  8. Positive Contribution to Society


  1. English Language Club Wordsworth Club
  2. Hindi Language Club Premchand Club
  3. Marathi Language Club Acharya Atre Club
  4. Mathematic Club Ramanujan Club
  5. Science Club Dr Homi Bhaba Club
  6. Drama and Theatre Club Safdar Hashmi Club
  7. Art Club Picasso Club
  8. Music and instrumental Club Pt. Ravi Shankar Club
  9. Dance Club Ballerina Club
  10. Eco Club Eco Savior
  11. Reading Club Dr A.P J. Abdul Club
  12. Health and Wellness Club
  13. Life Skill Club



– Sports Corner


Volley Ball

Base Ball

Table Tennis




Martial Arts


Traditional Games( Kite flying, marbles, top, Chain, 7 stones, abba dhabbi)